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Adaptertek Technology Co., Ltd. which founded in March 2007, were mainly specialized in design, research, plastic injection, punch, module, manufatures, surface painting, and other processing. Adaptertek set up the headquarter in Taiwan and manufactories in mainland China and HK. Adaptertek produce Video Converter, Memory Card and other peripheral products and promote the market in Taiwan. Moreover, Adaptertek provide complete technical support, more convenient product channel and better service from factory directly to customers.
Adaptertek provide integrated service to customers with our mature experience. With benign competition and vertical integration of upstream and downstream, Adaptertek provide a complete supply chain and professional service to meet all kinds of customers needs.

Quality Quaranty

The apple MFI certification program, Apple (Apple Inc.) Its external accessories authorized accessories manufacturers an identification license. MFI, in fact, is the apple company made for iPhone “logo abbreviation of” made for iPod “made for iPad. Significantly logo certified products available in the market there are black and white in the front of the package authorized Apple MFI logo, as shown in the following diagram:





Adaptertek Technology Co., Ltd. / All Best International Limited (Anguilla)

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宸鋒科技股份有限公司 (Adaptertek Technology Co., Ltd.), 成立於2007年3月. 前身為設計研發, 塑膠射出, 沖壓, 模具, 生產製造, 表面塗裝, 特殊加工等兩岸三地製造業數十年經驗的團隊. 宸鋒科技主要的產品是以Video, Audio, Data訊號等3C電子週邊產品在台灣市場的推廣及行銷活動為主, 提供客戶更全面的技術支援, 更便利的產品通路及更完善的原廠服務.

我們提供客戶完整的服務, 利用本身紮實的製造經驗, 輔以同業間水平整合, 再配合上下游的垂直整合, 成形出完整的供應鍊, 來針對有各種不同需求的客戶, 提供專業的服務.



    「MFi」是一個縮寫,全稱是:made for iPhone/ iPodIPAD」,Apple 根據蘋果iPhone、iPod和ipad的周邊產品所制定的一種發展計劃與授權認證程序,比起市面上無授權的產品,更能保障消費者的安全性,讓客戶安心的使用






宸鋒科技股份有限公司 / 全佳國際有限公司 (安圭拉)
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E-mail: hank_huang@adaptertek.com.tw

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